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Cbox Solutions

We ensure to provide you with aNeat  lead
lead management method that can get your brand across
a Wide  range of targets who are Open  to know
and experience your solution.

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A complete package of process, staff, and platform that we can
easily set up before the year ends, and kick off at your desired time.


Targeted, accurate, and timely contact
sales and marketing enriched database


Homegrown lead management platform
and third party automation tools


A Cbox crew to hype up customer engagement,
quality adherence, and campaign performance

Our Story

20 years back when we started, all we wanted to do was just to generate leads and set appointments for companies who didn’t have enough hats in place to do such tasks.

But, as more and more clients became happy with what we do, we realized that there’s so much more than just generating leads and setting appointments - we found out that we can actually create business for businesses.


CboxSolutions is still a lead generation and appointment setting company, but one that plays an important role in boosting sales and marketing for enterprises, a name that powers businesses to grow to become trusted brands in their own space.

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Our Services

ABM Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

We’re not really doing things differently here, technically, but what sets us apart is the way we skillfully manage and treat each campaign as unique, and finding room for improvement in every challenge we encounter.

The process is simple, just tell us your goals, we’ll design a campaign for you, then we’ll work together to achieve success through a Multi-touch Multi-channel Account-based Marketing strategy that will

Identify your
ideal customers

Expand your reach to all possible decision makers in an account

Engage targets through different channels (voice, social, chat, events, web, email)

Convert interested prospects into paying customers

Client Database Building

It’s true that you can find leads on digital channels, but what can bring you SQLs are database management tools and profiling tactics.

Our lead generation cadence starts with your ICP or ideal customer profile which comprises the type of companies you target, decision makers you want to speak with, and regions you wish to market to. The database we can build out of these targets will be continuously profiled and nurtured throughout the campaign period, involving a thorough process which includes data cleansing, deduplication and appending, online research, and call and email verification.

Events Marketing & Support

You may be generating a good number of one-on-one meetings at this time, but a one-to-many outreach like webinars, conferences, trade fairs, etc., are a must to keep your brand stay afloat.

Cbox Solutions’ end-to-end events marketing service will automatically tick off all the tiring tasks from your event checklist to help you concentrate on your actual presentation and lead nurturing activities thereafter.

Campaign Setup

Pre-Event Marketing Promotions

Actual Event Facilitation & Support

Post-Event Marketing Activities

Markets We Cover

We foster growth for startups, and leg up expansion strategies for OGs

See the industries we create opportunities for, in and out of their localities, since we started business more than a decade ago.





Digital Marketing & Advertising

Medical & Healthcare

Human Resources

Business Products & Services

Management Consulting


Manufacturing & Distribution

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